After the zombie outbreak began in the Charleston area of South Carolina. The government responded quickly and was able to set up a hard quarantine within hours of the news breaking. A giant barrier surrounds the affected zone, preventing the spread of the infection.

One year later…

Very few survivors are left within the dome. No news gets in, and no one knows if news gets out. The world could be dead outside of the walls. It certainly is within. On the outer edges of the wall, stands a little old occult shop, where an undead loser resides. Through some quick thinking when the outbreak began, he found a spell that would turn him into one of the dead, but allow him to keep his mind. Sure, the dead leave him alone, and he’s survived this long, but..he’s decaying…he’s bored…and he’s full of regret. His name is Sirius Wentworth, and he’s spending his afterlife learning what it means to truly live.