We have a fantastic cast for this show, and we can’t wait to introduce you to all of them. Cast bios are coming very soon, and our cast continues to grow!

Working with us we have:


Travis Diffenderfer

Showrunner - The voice of Sirius Wentworth

Outside of this show, Travis is the producer of The Basement Lounge and co-host of the Monthly Movie Meltdown on it’s feed. He is an award winning writer and film-maker with a passion for story and creativity in general.


Mike Shea

Producer - The voice of Mike Guthry

Outside of Dead Sirius, Mike runs his own podcast, the Basement Lounge, which launches on August 9th, just two weeks before Dead Sirius. He’s an accomplished stand-up comedian of 14 years, award winning independent filmmaker and a guest writer for the Cinescape.


Catherine Duncon

The voice of Naomi Skye

Catherine is an LA transplant from Arkansas. She studied acting at Stagedoor Manor in New York and got her love of films from her Grandmother and TCM. This is her debut into the voice acting realm and she loves bringing Naomi Skye to life.


Alec Pettigrew

The voice of Tom

We asked Alec for a bio…He gave us this: “My name is Alec Pettigrew, I’m currently an IT technician, and I’ve known Travis Diffenderfer since freshman year of college. Voice acting has held my interest for a few months now and this project has done absolutely NOTHING to damper it. Plus zombies.....”

Patrick Buchanan

Patrick Buchanan

The Announcer

Patrick is a professional singer/trumpet player. This voice actor for fun once looked death in the face and said ""what are you gonna do? Kill me?"" 9 years later he is running his brass studio and performing around the southeast.

Kevin Baggett

Kevin ALexander Baggett

The Music Man

Kevin Alexander Baggett is a jack of all trades type of guy. He's a government employee by day; Music composer, amateur filmmaker, and artist by night. He has written music for various video games and award winning short films. He's been honing in on his compostion craft for the past 7 years.

Andrea Sherman - Performer

Arthur Romeo - Performer

Jason Harris - Performer

Juan Cias - Performer

Hailey Kinslad - Performer

Rebecca Shrom - Performer/Artist/Promotions

Keep coming back for more info and announcements!